Abhinaya Yog is a combination of two words "Abhinaya" and "Yog" and is a new system of self development with the aid of Acting skills and yogic techniques.

Everyone on this earth is an actor and comes in this world to play many parts, beginning from an infant to a dying old person.

Abhinaya yog teaches how to play all roles harmoniously and according to the wishes of the Supreme Director.

The greatest art among all arts is HOW TO LIVE and Abhinaya Yoga system is an effort towards that direction.

The philosophy draws from the basic truth that everyone on this earth is an actor and he or she comes in the world for a brief span of time playing many ROLES (father, mother, friends, husband, wife, colleague, boss, etc.)

Abhinaya Yoga treats the world as a stage and facilitates performing one’s role to the best of ability.



  • Physical training - The asanas make your body fit and flexible
  • Vocal training - You are taught how to improve your vocal capacity with voice exercises
  • Observation: Abhinaya yog helps you observe the world from an actor's point of view
  • Study of Navras - The world of our emotions become our laboratory where we study our own feelings and emotions and reenact them consciously
  • Literature - You are encouraged to study drama , cinema and literature
  • Team building - Abhinaya yog involves interaction with a group through acting games , mock scenes and improvisations


  • You are given a fifteen day chart to follow the rythm of your emotional world and a list of monologues depicting positive emotions
  • The negative emotions are let out through the enactment of dramatic scenes thus creating conditions for catharsis, a perfect healing process
  • The six enemies (kaam, krodha, lobh, madda, moha, matsarya) and eight bondages (ghrna, shanka, bhaya, lajja, kula, sheel, maan and jugupsa) are taken as the basic guidelines to identify the negative world
  • The real work begins by transforming the negative emotions into positive ones with the help of a monologue or a scene


  • You are taught concentration techniques
  • You are asked to understand the fact that you are a mere actor in the great Cosmic drama of Universe


  • Increased concentration
  • Sharpness in memory
  • Creativity and spontaneity
  • Correct Breathing
  • Emotional Wellness with better expression of emotions
  • Better communication skills through improvement in speech
  • Better team player
  • Relaxed state of mind amidst feverish activity
  • Stress Management , conflict and anger management


We conduct Two Days, Three Days and Five Days workshops and have started online workshops now. Those who wish to know more about our upcoming workshops may send their details to lpacademy64@ gmail.com

Let every individual learn the basics of acting, discover the actor within, learn to use this craft as a means of self development and make one' s life better.

Human being is primarily a psychic being and it is more so in the current era. The spiritual side of one's personality remains unexplored. Abhinaya Yog is one such method that can open the chambers of one's psychic being with a touch of spirituality.